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Raised Drawer Front (Role Fix with Slab)

A square-corner routed style and raised panel perfectly fits transitional or traditional tastes. Our seamless, one-piece engineered Fronts are durable, easy-to-clean and feature consistent finish and surface quality from edge to edge.

Finish - Solid Only

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Measurements are communicated in Width x Height in inches, rounded to the nearest 1/16” (.0625). Use the Conversion Table for assistance converting inches to decimals.

Width must be greater than 3” and less than 48”.
Height must be greater than 3” and less than 48”.

Please Note: Raised drawer Fronts with height less than 6” and/or width less than 8” will be Slab style.

  • Width *

    Min: 3Max: 48
  • Height *

    Min: 3Max: 48
  • Please confirm you will take a Slab drawer because your width and/or height is too small to make a profiled drawer.
  • Square Feet *

  • Weight (kg) *

Regular Door

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Slab Door

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Location Label Note

Label each cabinet as you measure (e.g. Upper 1, Lower 1) and include here. This note will be printed on your product label and you can use it to organize your order for faster installation.

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    Max: 50 characters


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